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TL900Headlamp reviewPortable lights have always become an essential part of the society. For all those, who are extreme outdoor lovers need good flashlights. All those walks, jogs and bike rides require these portable lights to fulfill your night adventure to the utmost level. You have absolutely no reason to worry about your late night expeditions when you have these flashlights with you. TL 900 tactical headlamp is one such lamp for you. The TL900 from the Primitive Survivors is undoubtedly the best headlamps available in the market.

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night view with TL900 Headlamp

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Primitive Survivors

The Primitive Survivors believe in "Customer is King". And, this is because of the commitment of the company to the customers, the Primitive Survivors is now one of the leading and renowned companies for the outdoor adventures. The finest features of the product in the market, money back guarantee in 30 days provide the customers more trust on Primitive Survivors.

This TL900 tactical headlamp comes with a lot of features, which are discussed below in detail. All these features together make the movement in the dark not only easy but safe as well.

Features of TL900 Tactical Headlamp

The lamp is waterproof in nature. It is durable. It also has the ability to provide ample light to the dense area. The casing around the lamp is made up of aluminum alloy (aircraft grade). This ensures that it can withstand the pressure and force if anything hard and tough falls on the lamp. Also, the headlamp has rechargeable batteries. The lamp life is 100,000 hours.

There are four modes of these lamps. These are:

  • low intensity,
  • high intensity,
  • S.O.S. setting and the
  • strobe setting.
tactical survival headlamp tl 900

The S.O.S. setting provides the option to get noticed quickly and the strobe setting to confuse and disorient the opponent. Also, these lamps have the feature of "telescopic focusing". It contains the XM-L T6 LED Emitter, which shines brighter, when compared to any other bulbs.

It is water resistant in nature, which helps to adapt to the extreme and emergency conditions as well. It has an adjustable headband along with an adjustable light head. It also has the flexibility to rotate the lamp at different angles. It serves to be an important part for serving the emergency situations as well. It is often known as the military headlamp.

TL 900 Tactical Headlamp Package ContentBenefits of TL900 Tactical Headlamp

The TL900 Headlamp has a lot of benefits of its own. The material, with which it is prepared is of top grade aluminum alloy. This makes it durable and resistant to water as well.

Also, the TL900 military headlamp is adjustable to a certain extent. It is adjustable by the right band, top band and the left band as well.

These headlamps are light weight and compact in nature. Also, a person wearing them on the head don't feel any strain on the neck region and the head region as well.

Also, individuals with the headlamp find it quite easy and light to carry with themselves. The straps of the headlamp on the top and sides of the head make it stable and secure. The advantage of keeping it over the head makes it easy for using both the hands to work. It provides the liberty, convenience and to protect one from accidents.

Moving the light to different direction is extremely easy just by nodding it with ease.

Here we have discussed about the features and benefits of the TL900 LED Headlamp in detail. These lamps are now available online, where they are given a discount of about 75%. It is available at $59, when compared to the original price, which is $236. However, it is very unpredictable about how long this discount offer will actually remain. So, it is advised to buy this product at the earliest.

If you want to arrest the rise in terrorism and violence and fight against the crimes taking place all around the world, it is important that you have these tactical headlamps with you. This popular self defense tool is extremely useful these days. If you want to ensure that you are prepared for the worst, opt for these headlamps at the earliest.

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