The Stinger Military Pen

The Self-Defense Weapon You Need – the Stinger Military Pen

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Some things can happen unexpectedly – like being attacked when you're alone; or worse – when you are with your family. If that does happen, the situation could be made even worse if you are caught totally unprepared.

Since you cannot always carry a weapon, like a gun or a knife with you, you still want to have some legal way to defend yourself instantly, and you need some kind of device that will be very effective, too. The Stinger military pen is all of these things.

tactical stinger pen for self defense
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Legal Because It Is a Pen

Not only is the Stinger military pen useful as a defensive tool, it also actually writes. This makes it legal wherever you go! The ink cartridge is also refillable, and the pen can even write underwater or upside down.

You can carry it in your pocket with the spring steel clip like a regular pen. This makes it possible to take it with you on aircraft, in buildings where weapons are not allowed, and anywhere else – even in countries where certain weapons are forbidden! No one will even suspect you are armed and quite capable of downing an attacker and able to protect yourself and your family.

Made of Impact Resistant Aluminum

This pen is not going to break when you need it to stop an assailant! Each pen is hand-made from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, and then coated with even tougher titanium. This gives it lifetime durability and ensures that you can rely on it in an emergency.

The strength of the Stinger Tactical Pen's case also enables you to break glass in an emergency. If you ever need to break out a window in your car in order to get out quickly, the Stinger pen is just what you need – and it is right in your pocket!

pendiagramDesigned to Be a Self-Defense Tool

The pen is made by Hoffman Richter and is intended to give you a legal weapon, a self-defense weapon that anyone can carry. Because it looks like a pen, you can carry it discreetly, and no one will suspect you are armed. People of any job type can carry it.

Its tough design enables you to use it to strike your attacker and be able to disable them quickly. The top of the pen's cap is flat to enable you to put your thumb on it to provide an even stronger blow with it.

You can carry the Stinger Tactical Pen in your pocket or purse and have greater confidence because you are carrying it. You will know that you are armed and ready to meet an attacker. It does not matter what size you are, or whether you are a man or a woman, the pen can enable you to have the advantage in an attack – even if they are considerably bigger!

The Stinger Military Pen is Guaranteed

The Stinger Tactical Pen comes fully guaranteed from Survival Life with a life-time guarantee, and a no-questions asked 90 day's return policy. It will also make an excellent gift for those you care about, helping them to be safe wherever they go, too.

This simple self-defense tool, the Stinger Military Pen, could be your key to a safer future. It is the ideal tool when attacked or when in an emergency situation. You can learn more about it by watching the following video.

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