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Ridiculously Popular Teeth Whitening Kit is Finally Available After Months on Waitlist […]

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The insane popularity of a teeth whitening kit favorited by celebrities has forced its maker to expand into two new warehouses within the last year just to meet the soaring demand. It’s incredibly affordable and the reviews we found are almost all 5-star. It’s now available for sale online and they are the only science-based kit safe to use at-home, with 100% results guaranteed and FDA approved.

Because of its popularity, other companies have been creating knock-offs and harming customers. The White Light Smile whitening kit we discuss in this article is sold exclusively on our website. Our editors spent 3 weeks researching and our findings are in this article.

The White Light Smile Teeth Whitening Kit, was invented by Harvard science research company, White Light Smile Labs. It had been on the market for 10 months when a December 2015 article declared it “the most effective at-home teeth whitening kit” and suddenly sales exploded. (Forbes)


before-and-after-vertical-imagesThe pace of growth was so rapid that back-order waits grew to as long as four months. But people continued placing orders regardless of the wait.

UPDATE: I received an email from a White Light Smile Whitening Kit team member and they said they are back in stock for the time being. The product is only available on our website and in certain retail stores.

At the time, White Light Smile Labs had only one warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has since expanded into a factory in Las Vegas and three more in Florida, New York, and California.

“It’s an honor to create a solution that both celebrities and regular Americans love so much and can afford,” White Light Smile Labs CEO Jerry DeWolf said in an interview with U.S. Consumer Times. “In March, we were finally back in stock — and then the rate of buying went up by six times.

The White Light Smile Teeth Whitening is available online without a prescription. Because of its unique formula, there are no side effects to using the product.

So what’s so great about this teeth whitening kit, anyway?

Our editors did the research and found why this kit is so revolutionary. For starters, it appears to outperform whitening strips, trays, and even some in-dentist procedures that can cost many times more. The whitening gel formula, which is formulated to cut through coffee, wine, and similar stains, works in as little as 3 days. Invented by teeth whitening experts, White Light Smile was created after the founders realized there were few options available for professional whitening at-home. “Whitening strips help, but aren’t a comparable alternative to what you’d get for $500+ at a dental office. So, we wanted White Light Smile Whitening to be as effective as professional whitening you’d get at a dentist, but for the price closer to whitening strips.

Customers appear to love the results, calling it “shockingly effective” and “absolutely fantastic” in dozens of reviews across the web.

“This teeth whitening kit is seriously worth the wait, and unbeatable for the price, too. I’m considering ordering more to stock up and to give out as gifts,” one reviewer wrote.

Another said: “The hype around this teeth whitening system seems absurd. Especially seeing all the celebrities using it on TV. But once you try it for yourself, the results really do take you by surprise. It’s unlike any other teeth whitening solution — white strips, whitening toothpaste, etc. — I’ve ever owned. A must-have, even more so if you have an event coming up.”


An equal — if not even bigger — draw to White Light Smile’s teeth whitening system over the 5-star customer ratings and 24-hour online customer service is that it’s all formulated in the US.

The company advertises that it’s “bringing back American jobs” and pledges to never outsource jobs overseas. It can afford the higher labor costs in the US because it is a direct-to-consumer business and therefore avoids expensive overhead associated with brick-and-mortar stores. The company also chooses to market mainly on the Internet, avoiding the high-cost of television ads and billboards.

The teeth whitening kits have all been selling by word-of-mouth for the most part, White Light Smile Labs reports. The company offers $15 for referrals to help that process.

Teeth Whitener Product Comparison Review Chart

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Looking ahead, White Light Smile Labs said they plan on sticking to what works: 100% results guarantee, fast & free shipping, and the best teeth whitening formula available.

“Our goal for this year is to try to stay in stock and not sell out every week like 2015. I’ve been amazed at how many celebrities are using our product. The word-of-mouth and testimonials sent in have been life-changing for us,” CEO of White Light Smile Labs said.

White Light Smile Whitening Kit Testimonials

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