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Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw  By Padmalatha

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 primitive survivor straw

What is Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw?

Water is one among the most persuasive substances for carrying injurious bacteria and other pollutants. As these matters cannot be measured or seen usually, they are extremely challenging for filtering out. If you often find yourself required to drink water but are required to resort to resources that might have hazardous bacteria or toxins, having private water filter can save your life. The Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw is one such device. This filtration straw can really be a lifesaver as it is capable of reducing injurious chemicals in the water you gulp. This effective device itself makes water hygienic, potable, and tasty and is durable and long lasting. It is easy for cleaning, as well, and it offers a portable technique of getting free, dirt-free water even during the worst situations.

survivor filtration straw
Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

Why should you consider the primitive survivor straw?

The Water Filtration Straw from Primitive Survivors is capable of offering a maximum of 1000 liters of filtered water. It is capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, and parasites from any drinking resource. Furthermore, it is exceptionally light, which weighs only two ounces, and does not require any electrical sources or batteries to function. The straw is designed with the perfect size to fit in any petite bag and eliminates 99.9% of all parasites and microorganisms by making use of a tremendously high flow rate. It is capable of eliminating harmful microorganisms, such as E. coli, shigella, vibrio cholerae, salmonella, and campylobacter. It removes Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium Parvum or, even the beaver fever can be eliminated, as well, by using this filtration straw.

The primitive survivor straw is easy to use and it is an immense device for travel because it is extremely small and portable. While you are out for hiking or reliant on vital utilities to survive, the straw will let you just kneel down and drink. To use this straw, just place one end of the device into the unfiltered water resource, like the river, a puddle, or a bottle, and then extract water through the spout at its top. You can store the water in bottles and glasses, and then use this device to drink it.

How does the primitive survivor straw work?

The Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw uses a three-level treatment technique with two forms of filtration that are replaceable, without any difficulty. The first phase is a net pre-filter, which is followed by a therapeutic grade Ultra Filter, and lastly a carbon filter. This carbon filter is capable of removing grime, heavy metals, bacteria, and chlorine, and it features a small electro-positive charge to attract impurities and chemicals. The Ultra Filter employs unfilled fiber membranes to treat the contaminated water. Both the carbon filter and the Ultra Filter are capable of cleansing a maximum of 264 gallons or 1000 liters of water earlier than required to be cleaned or replaced. During the cleaning or replacing process, no chemicals are exploited and this primitive survivor straw will eliminate 99% of usual bacteria found in the dirty or polluted water.

Benefits of using the Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

Using a water filtration straw, such as Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw can mean the difference between dehydration and endurance during harsh conditions. Using this specialized water-filtering device, it allows you to sort out damaging species from the contaminated water. It can filter out any type of harmful cryptosporidium, which cannot be achieved through normal filtering devices. This feature makes this straw more effective than other distillation devices.

The primitive survivor straw is not only durable, but it is also effective. Debris will not be trapped inside this device, which makes it more powerful for disposing of injurious toxins than hot water or attempting to filter it using iodine pills. This water-filtering device makes it an easy and a quick way to acquire water anywhere you might be, as well, even if the water is extremely dirty.


The Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw is one among the best ways of making sure that you have an easy and a quick way to get dirt-free water, no issue where you are. It is an essential tool for hikers, travelers, and survivalists, and this water-filtering device has acknowledged tons of constructive reviews because of its effectiveness and affordability. Overall, a product such as the Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw is appropriate for several diverse survival situations.

Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw


Primitive Survivors Filtration StrawPrimitive Survivors Filtration StrawPrimitive Survivors Filtration StrawPrimitive Survivors Filtration Straw
Primitive Survivors Filtration Straw

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