LightsStrike 360 Tactical Flashlight Product Details Reviewed 

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Flashlights are must-haves for everyone and every household. Especially, when the power goes out at night, or for your everyday use, the LightStrike 360 is the flashlight of choice.

This military grade flashlight was approved by the military and security forces before it was ready to sell to the masses. It has been voted as the #1 product, and it is known to be the brightest tactical flashlight.

lightstrike 360 tactical LED flashlight

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There are three components that make it stand out. The high polished composite lens is lighter than glass and plastic lenses making it the lightest flashlight. This will be an ideal for that person who uses a flashlight on a daily basis.

Aircraft grade aluminum is used in the construction of the flashlight. This is another component that makes it lighter than other flashlights. Aircrafts need to be lightweight in order to stay aloft in the air, again, therefore making it possible for the owners of the Lightstrike to hold their flashlights without cramping up. Because of their build, they can withstand the bumps or bangs of life. 

The Lightstrike flashlight is very compact that it makes it very easy to conceal. They can be placed in a purse, a handbag, a school bag, and more. It can travel with you wherever you go. This flashlight is a must-have. Its length is:

  • 5.1 inches wide initial size
  • 6.18 inches wide when is fully extended
  • 1.37 inches in diameter at top part.
  • 1.10 inches in diameter at handle side

It’s smaller than the average cell phone.

It also has some zooming features that come in handy. The beam can be zoomed to intensify to concentrate on a single target, blinding a person, or it can be widened to brighten a room. The zoom levels are from 1 (most intense blinding light) to 2000.

So, for those who need a way to defend themselves from intruders, the flashlight’s intense blinding feature can blind their would-be adversary, giving them enough time to plan an attack or run away. This is where the tactical comes in play. It can be used a self-defense tool.

The Lightstrike 360 flashlight normal price is at $224 per unit, but given the proper research, there are websites that may offer them at a discounted rate. Making them affordable a not putting a hamper in one’s wallet. Discounted prices can go as low as $35. What an investment!

Light strike 360 Tactical Flashlight product spec image

There are other features that the LightStrike flashlight has in its possession:

  • high setting to blind intruders,
  • medium for investigating,
  • low for search,
  • SOS flashing setting for rescue, and
  • strobe for hypnotic alert.

This flashlight could save your life.

This flashlight’s bulb is so bright, and according to MailOnline, the torch is so bright that it can fry an egg! It was also mentioned that it can melt a plastic cup!

This goes without saying that the Lightstrike 360 tactical flashlight is a must-have for all. For those who need a flashlight for everyday life, or a way to prevent intruders from harm the customer, or as an emergency for power outages, the flashlight has it all.

There are many imitators out there, but there is only one, and the Lightstrike 360 Tactical flashlight is the original. So, don’t be caught without one!

Light strike 360 Tactical Flashlight

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