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multi-colorDo you care about your health? Do you care about the environment?

Did you know that recent studies have also proved butane can be the cause of cancer?

If you're like us, your health and your loved one's health is your #1 concern.

A government health study states, "butane can cause what is known as a sudden sniffing death, which occurs as a result of cardiac arrhythmia/arrest if the person is stressed or does heavy exercise during or soon after using."

In the long-term effects, butane may also cause even more serious health problems such as malignant cancer. According to them large number cases of deaths between 2000-2015 were butane based and the majority of them were under 18-41 years old.

"Butane lighter fluid leads to 52% of all deaths occurring from abused solvent chemicals. It's dangerous stuff!".

So if you care about yourself and loved ones you MUST STOP using your current lighter and switch to The Inferno Lighter! The Inferno Lighter has no butane, no fluids or other nasty chemicals.

Our product is all natural, and eco-friendly whereas other products on the market have very harmful chemicals like butane. The Inferno Lighter Is The Most Revolutionary, Eco-friendly, USB Rechargeable Lighter In The World!

The Inferno Lighter is proven to work in the windiest of conditions, and is also water resistant. It is truly the world's most advanced and powerful lighter on the planet!

Our team of engineers designed the Inferno Lighter with a shorter charge time, longer battery cycle and increased number of lights. Made from zinc alloy, the Inferno Lighter is ultra-durable, taller, and thinner than previous models. It's specifically engineered with a wider lighting surface that can spark nearly ANYTHING including cigars, hemp wick, candles (even wood ones), incense, and more.

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