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What is the Inferno Lighter?

The Inferno Lighter is a lighter that was made, and designed by a team of engineers. This group of experts wanted to make a lighter that didn't require fuel like typical lighters, but was also extremely durable.

To do this, they had to create a device that worked by using a battery that could be charged in a short amount of time.

The result of all this research, and effort was the Inferno Lighter. This lighter is made with a zinc alloy, so it's lighter, but more durable than typical lighters.

The Inferno Lighter has a wider lighting surface, which allows it to spark almost everything. The Inferno Lighter can light all sorts of things including cigars, candles, incense, and hemp wicks. By providing a wider lighting space, the Inferno Lighter has become a device that appeals to a wide range of customers, not just those who smoke.

In addition to having a new, sleek design, the Inferno Lighter can also work in the most extreme conditions. Whether it's windy or raining, this lighter will still be able to do its job. This amazing durability has made the Inferno Lighter one of the most powerful lighters available on the market today.

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We Have FOUND Your Solution...

The Inferno Lighter is an electric lighter that utilizes an eco-friendly, butane-free, non-toxic flameless and fluidless dual beam light that is 100% USB rechargeable.


Why Purchase an Inferno Lighter?

Did you know that recent studies have also proved butane can also be the cause of cancer? The Inferno Lighter has no butane. No fluids or other nasty chemicals. A British Report links, "butane lighter fluid leads to 52% of all deaths occurring from abused solvent chemicals. It's dangerous stuff!" Our product is all natural, and eco friendly whereas other products on the market have very harmful chemicals like butane.


The Inferno Lighter Is The Most Revolutionary, Eco-friendly, USB Rechargeable Lighter In The World



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