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As temperatures are rising all over the globe, it’s starting to be more difficult to cool your home and your family in a budget AND environmentally-friendly manner. Traditional air conditioner units are bulky, hard to install, and expensive. But do you have to choose between having an outrageously high electricity bill and sweating in front of an open window all summer? Do you have to endure the coming heatwaves with your head in the refridgerator?

Not with Fast Cool Air.

Fast Cool Air - Portable AC UnitThis revolutionary device is not only small and portable, making it easy to carry around your home or office, but it is also eco-friendly, remarkably efficient, and uses less energy than a traditional air conditioner.

So how does it work? The Fast Cool Air creates the ideal setting by both cooling and purifying the air around you. You just pour water into its 750ml tank, plug it in to a wall outlet or USB port, and that’s it! With just one fill, it can cool your space for up to 8 hours. Its innovative technology turns the evaporated water into cool, clean, and moist air—as though you are being swept away by ocean breezes. All of a sudden, the stifling hot air around you becomes colder and more comfortable, making any heatwave this summer bearable.

But the Fast CoolAir is more than just a cheaper and more efficient alternative for an air conditioner. It is a 3-in-1 product, acting as an air cooler, purifier, and humidifier. You can ensure that your family will not only have an escape from the endless heat, but that they will also be surrounded by safe, clean, and breathable air. Not to mention, it is also low-noise, so you won’t have to deal with the dreaded blasting sound in the middle of a summer night.

And although it is efficient and powerful, it depends only on the energy of the water evaporation and not toxic coolants like other cooling devices. It also uses minimal energy, consuming the same amount of power as a small fan while packing the power of a substantial air conditioner. This is good news for both you and the environment!

Are you sitting in a stifling office right now? At home cooking in a kitchen that feels like a large oven? Sweating into your bedsheets in an uncomfortable bedroom? No need to suffer anymore! Bring the Fast CoolAir with you anywhere and everywhere: den, dorm room, bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom, or even on your front porch. It can be placed on a desk, drawers, or shelves. No need to worry about fitting into your window!

The Fast Cool Air even has soft, ambient lighting, creating the perfect setting for relaxing or sleeping.

Join other Americans who are tossing aside their air conditioners for a product that actually makes their places of living and working more comfortable. One customer review says it all: “Whenever I turn on the AC the room becomes like an ice box. My kids kept getting too cold and a fan wasn’t enough, this air cooler is the best solution and it’s been saving us tons on our electric bill!”

If you’re getting frustrated with the temperatures in your rooms and the numbers on your electric bill, it’s time to go onto this link and purchase your Fast Cool Air today!

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