Crash Safe Product Review – The Best Car Safety Device On The Market

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Crash Safe product features

Product Presentation of crashsafeEvery day, many Americans drive to work, school, and then back to the comforts of their homes. It is easy to overlook the potential risks when using your vehicle to transport yourself and your family is ingrained in your daily routine—but it only takes one mistake, one careless driver, and one false move to turn an aspect of routine into a disaster. Research has shown that the average person could expect to get in at least 3-4 accidents in their lifetime.

As with everything in life, one needs to be prepared when things go wrong. That’s where CrashSafe’s 6-in-1 survival tool comes in handy. This product is built upon the ideas of preparation and safety in the most precarious of situations. Although small and easily transportable, it contains a range of functions that makes it a must-have for your next drive.

Here’s the 6 features that the product offers all in one handy tool:

1. Emergency Window Breaker

Imagine you accidentally swerve your vehicle off the road and into a body of water. How would you get out of your car? Smashing a car window is a very difficult task that requires a significant amount of strength—but not if you have CrashSafe. The tool includes a patented, hidden metal tip at the end of the cigarette lighter plug that’s specially designed to crack through windows in one hit, making it easier to escape if you’re ever in such a situation.

car window crasher

2. Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

The window breaker is a useful tool if you ever find yourself unable to leave you’re vehicle, but what if you’re also strapped down to your seat? This device also comes equipped with a sharp blade (safely hidden on the side) that could act as a seat belt cutter for situations where you need to get out of your vehicle fast. It could also be used as a handy utility knife for everyday uses.

crashsafe seat belt cutter

3. Flashing Emergency Beacon

The Bat-Signal may not exist in real life, but fortunately CrashSafe contains a flashing emergency beacon to warn others if you’re having car trouble on the road. The bright red light can forewarn other drivers of your situation so they do not accidentally come in contact with you or call for help if you’re out in the middle of nowhere and need to signal for attention.

crash-safe flashing emergency beacon

4. Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

A flashlight is essential for any type of nighttime emergency, whether that be inspecting a broken motor or finding necessary belongings in the back of your car. Located in the rear of the device, along with the emergency beacon, is an ultra-bright LED flashlight that could help you in any situation.

CrashSafe-Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

5. USB Car Charger

Having a fully-charged phone will give you and your family peace of mind when encountering an emergency. Loved ones are only one phone-call and text a way if you’re in need of help or just need to keep them informed on your situation. CrashSafe’s 6-in-1 tool comes with a USB car charger that will keep power in your cell phone throughout your drive.

USB Car Charger

6. 2200mAh Power Bank

Need to take your phone out of your vehicle?

No problem! CrashSafe also acts as a power bank, with a 2200mAh lithium battery that will give you up to a 100% charge no matter where you are.

2200mAh Power Bank by crashsafe

While life can be unpredictable, you have the power to stay one step ahead of any situation with CrashSafe’s 6-in-1 Safety Tool. This device packs a considerable amount of features into one small package that stays within an arm’s reach when you need it the most, giving you and your family the protection and peace-of-mind needed when traveling.