Car Emergency Roadside Safety Discs by 1Tac – Product Review

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1tac Roadside Safety discs - 3pac package

Tire blowouts, engine overheating, car wrecks—these are just a few of the situations that could happen that will leave you and your family stuck on the side of the road, waiting for help to come. It is likely that one of these cases will happen to you or someone you know. While the uncertainty of life makes events like these almost unpreventable, the best that we can do is be prepared for when they do occur.

That is why major car insurance companies, such as Geico and Esurance, all recommend drivers carry emergency discs in their vehicles. Even the DMV website asks drivers to carry some type of road flare in their vehicle emergency kit. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 drivers are equipped with the necessary tools when they 1tac roadside safety discs reviewfind themselves stranded on the side of the road.

But with just a few clicks today, you can be on your way to securing your family’s safety during your next roadway accident. The Emergency Roadside Disc by is the one item you need to alert other vehicles of your presence during the dark hours of the evening or any other low-visibility setting.
With the click of a button, the Emergency Roadside Safety Discs can be turned on, flashing its 15 ultra-bright LEDs which can be seen from over 5000 feet away. No vehicle in the vicinity will be unaware of your presence!

A magnetic base on the bottom of the disc secures safely to the side of your vehicle or on the ground of the highway. There are also nine unique flashing modes which further ensures your visibility.

Stuck in a storm? No problem! The Emergency Roadside Disc by is waterproof AND floats. It has a powerful lamp life of over 1,000 hours and a run time of 13 hours, making sure you stay protected no matter how long your emergency lasts.

Worried about your lights being trampled or crushed by passing vehicles? No need! These discs can withstand being run over by almost any car—including a heavy truck.

Do not wait. Roadside accidents do happen. The act of simply changing your flat tire can go from unfortunate to tragic within seconds if you and your vehicle cannot be seen by others on the road. Protect you and your family today with the Emergency Roadside Disc by

We recommend getting a set of three discs which comes in a handy and travel-friendly duffle bag with an easy-to-carry handle.

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Don’t take our word for it—customer reviews have been saying, “Incredible! Having these discs during a road side emergency are an absolute must!”
Avoid missing out on the one product that could save your life during your next accident.

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With just a few seconds of your time, you can be one step closer to ensuring the safety of your vehicle and everyone in it.