Why Buy FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool? Read Product Review

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fixd car diagnostic tool reviewWhat is FIXD?

FIXD is a device which helps make car maintenance less difficult by plugging it into a port in the car and making use of the application which is available on Google Play Store and Apple store to detect issues with your vehicle as they develop.

The app may be used to keep an eye on maintenance recommended by the car’s manufacturer, switch off check engine light, and also monitor your mileage to assist you to stay on top of your car’s maintenance.

Rather than receiving a code, you are going to receive an easy-to-understand terminology for each and every problem so that the average person can easily detect issues with the car and also keep the car safe.

Will FIXD work on my own car?
if your car is a gas-powered car which was manufactured after 1996, then FIXD will work with the car. This works by plugging the FIXD device into a port in the car.

If you are not sure whether your car will work with the device, kindly do a little research and make sure you have an OBD-II port in your car. An OBD-II port is precisely what lots of mechanics makes use of to determine what is happening with your car if you have issue.

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Free FIXD app
One great thing regarding the FIXD device is the fact that it comes with an app which you can use of on both Apple as well as Android devices, which additionally come built with Bluetooth technology.
The app for FIXD is free and can be downloaded regardless of whether you have the sensor. If you wish to get an understanding on how the FIXD works before buying the sensor, you can download the application to be sure if it would work on your phone, to ensure that the Bluetooth is working well on your device.

Easy-to-setup sensor
Apart from the free app, all you need to use the FIXD is the sensor detector. The sensor is exactly what you will be purchasing. You can decide to buy a single or multiple sensors if you wish. You can install the sensor by connecting it into your car’s OBD-II port, which is available on lots of cars that were manufactured after 1996.

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• Makes it convenient to examine what is wrong with your car
• Bluetooth system enables you to make use of your mobile phone to examine maintenance problems with your car
• Suggests when you really need to do a routine maintenance by making use of the car manufacturer’s recommended guide
• Works on any kind of car manufactured from 1996 with an OBD-II sensor port
• Can switch off check engine light
• 30-day money-back guarantee
• 1-year warranty

• It might be hard to understand the codes sometime. You might have to do a google search with the code that you receive