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ShadowHawk Tactical X800 FlashlightWhether You are on the Road or at Home, Keeping Yourself and the Family Safe is Your Top Priority and Who Would Understand Safety Better Than Us- The Safety Specialists- Welcome to 1 Tac

1Tac TC 1200 is a Premium Manufacturer and Supplier of Tactical Flashlights - We Are Your Friend in the Shadows!!!

Yes, You Read it Right…. When Your Vehicle Breaks Down on an Old, Dusty, and Dark Road and You Need a Strong Focus Light to Help You Change the Flat Tyre - The 1200 Lumen Powered 1 Tac TC 1200 Tactical LED Flashlight Comes to Your Rescue Instantly!!!

Or Perhaps;

You are Walking Alone on a Dark Street and the Silence of the Night Makes You Nervous- You Need A Friend to Keep You Company and Ward of the Darkness - TC 1200 Tactical Flashlight Comes to Your Rescue Instantly!!!

What If, A Fire Broke Down in Your House, You Need to Quickly Rescue Your Family to Safety - TC 1200 from 1 Tac Tactical Flashlight with Zoom Functionality Comes to Your Rescue Instantly!!!

No matter how dark or lonely it gets, 1 Tac's Military Grade Tactical Flashlight will Always Keep You and Your Family Safe!!!!

Ok…..But, how can you be sure, the flashlight will protect me or my family?

TC 1200 Tactical Flashlight will Shield You Because;

  • Light-weight and Portable: Built from Military Grade Aluminum, this sturdy and strong flashlight is light in weight, which makes it easy to hold in your hand and easy to carry in your purse. So keep the alarming situations at bay with 1 Tac Military Flashlight!
  • Robust and Sturdy Light: Powered by 1200 Lumen PE LED Light Bulb, TC 1200 displays a superior quality light performance at all times! The 1200 Lumen CRE LED Bulb is the latest and the best in the market, today- and we have it installed in our flashlight!
  • Military Tested: Our has been tested by military personnel in the toughest of situations before approving it for release in the market. Their certification only indicates, it is a highly reliable and sturdy security tool to have in your home to deal with any frightening situation!
  • Multiple Functionality: TC 1200 - 1 Tac Tactical Flashlight comes with ZOOM FUNCTIONALITY and MULTIPLE SAFETY MODES to render its services for any kind of scenario. Simply, zoom in/out or switch on the safety mode to let it work!

But that’s not all……

Premium Customer Support: Our experts will be delighted to assist you with any inquiry you may have, anytime!

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We have reached record sales in November 2018, we sold over 32,000 flashlights.


We Feel Proud Immense Pride and Joy Serving Our Country!!!!

With our state-of-the-art Tactical Flashlight, shipped directly from our warehouse in California to across the U.S.A., we have created a strong and trustworthy bond with our customers, with our community and our nation!

We don't compromise on quality, but we also believe in giving 1 Tac Flashlight to you for a fair price. So, own this affordable safety tool NOW!!!